Part -time Internships/Business Competitions/Live Projects ( 2018-2019)

Sl.N0 Code Venture Status
1 Business Competition Harivillu - Recipe Kit Closed
2 Business Competition
Weavers Touch Closed
3 Live Project Amogh Home Foods Closed
4 Part-time Internships WhatStock Closed
5 Part-time Internships WhatStock Closed
6 Part-time Internships WhatStock Closed
7 Part-time Internships Waste To Energy Closed
8 Part-time Internships Space Stories Closed
9 Part-time Internships Eden Gardens Closed
10 Business Competition
Weavers Touch Closed
11 Business Competition
Sattva Naturals Closed
12 Live  Project Construction Mart Closed
13 Live  Project C0nstruction Mart Closed
14 Live  Project Eden Gardens Closed
15 Part-time Internships Party Starter Closed
16 Part-time Internships Amogh Home Foods Closed
17 Live  Project Harivillu - Recipe Kit Closed
18 Part-time Internships Sattva Naturals Closed
19 Live Project Space Stories Closed
20 Part-time Internships Cnstruction Mart Closed
21 Business Competition
Morning Mitra Closed
22 Part-time Internships The I in Y Closed
23 Part-time Internships Eden Gardens Closed
24 Part-time Internships Amogh Home Foods Closed



The applications for internships for the year 2018-2019 are closed. However, if interested please mail your cv to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are looking for enthusiast candidates who can deliver high quality work on time.

Areas for internship:

1. Web development

2. Content writing

3. Marketing and sales

4. Book keeping

5. Assisting start-ups in various outreach programmes.

Women who are planning to restart their careers and are interested to work with our start-ups as interns are encouraged to apply.

Fresh graduates can also apply.


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