The Smarter Start-Up Program 

                                                                       Be a SmarterPreneur

Date                                                      June 26 2021, June 29 2021, & July 3 2021
Time                                                                        2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
About the Session


We believe that it is vital for start-ups, both for-profit and social impact, without any brand recognition, to paint a very clear picture as to why they are worth people’s time. By being vague and unfocused they lose impact and persuasiveness and worse, audience attention.

Strategic Communication is a critical component for the success of any organization, more so in the case of a start-up or entrepreneurial venture. Articulating the benefit, you deliver to customers and telling your story impactfully to all stakeholders, including investors, is what this program will help you to do with some tried and tested frameworks and examples. This will be a foundation to start building your personal brand and your company’s brand.

Start-ups need to clearly define their value proposition which delineates not only how they are creating value for the audience by addressing a core need / solving a social problem, but critically why their solution is better than what is currently being used/done or whatever else is potentially out there that could do so. Since most first-time entrepreneurs are new to the world of business and communication it is also essential that they learn to showcase their ideas to investors, incubators, potential employees, and media.


Articulating your value proposition (aka elevator pitch) and telling your story impactfully to all stakeholders, including investors, is what this program will help you to do. The content of this program is based on extensive research with media, employees, angel investors, banks, and VC’s, in addition to the Speaker's professional experience as a communicator for 36 years

Program Format

A simple but effective and practical experiential program, with clearly defined, co-created takeaways at each stage. Pedagogy includes 3 interactive workshop sessions, with clear takeaways, and with time for a reflective assignment between each session.


An understanding of how to look at a start-up business from the consumer’s perspective, a comprehensive business and GTM strategy, and the tools and frameworks on how to build/refine their pitch deck to appeal to various stakeholders


Session Plan

 Day 1 - June 26, 2021

Defining your Customer, building your Value Proposition and understanding your Competition

  • Value Proposition aka your Elevator Pitch is the framework for how the business aligns its activities and output with its target audience’s needs, to deliver a compelling experience that can ultimately be monetized through an exchange of value
  • How well do you really know your customer?
  • How are you creating value for the audience?
  • What is their core need you are addressing, is it really a problem?
  • Why your solution is better than what they are currently doing or using?
  • Reflective Assignment 1
  • Defining your Customer, building your Value Proposition and understanding your Competition

 Day 2- June 29, 2021

Money, Money, Money

  • What is your achievable vision?
  • How large is your market?
  • What is your GTM Strategy?
  • How do you amplify your communication through digital media?
  • How well do you understand money?
  • How do you present your financial projections, clearly?
  • Reflective Assignment 2
  • Presenting your financial projections

 Day 3- July 03, 2021

How to tell your Business Story for maximum impact and ROI

  • How to write your Business Story in 8 steps
  • Building your Corporate Deck
  • Reflective Assignment 3
  • Building your pitch deck


About the Speaker

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Malavika R Harita
Founder & CEO, Brand Circle
Member, Board of Governors, IIM Visakhapatnam. 
Resident Mentor, NSRCEL (IIM Bangalore)
Mentor, IIMV-FIELD (IIM Visakhapatnam)

Passionate about the power of communication, storytelling, and digital marketing. Teaching, mentoring start-ups, and empowering women is what drives her...

Malavika founded Brand Circle in 2018, a Consultancy Firm working in the areas of Digital Communication, Storytelling, Mentoring startups, Women Entrepreneurs, and Corporate Leaders. She is a Resident Mentor at the NSRCEL of IIMB. She has also mentored start-ups at various other incubators including Kerala Start-Up Mission, T-Hub, and Gopalakrishna-Deshpande Foundation at IIT Madras.

In her earlier avatar, she founded and ran Saatchi & Saatchi Focus in India for 25 years where she worked on brands like Bosch, Coats, Reliance Polymers, Infosys, Microsoft, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Novartis, Mead Johnson, AIS, and Novo Nordisk amongst others. She has 36 years of experience in communication and entrepreneurship. Brand Consultancy, Strategic Planning, and Training are her focus areas.

After her accountancy training and MBA from the IIM, Bangalore Malavika joined HMT Watches. She then ran her own interior design and packaging firm before joining Saatchi in 1993 after a stint at Mudra Communications. Malavika trained briefly at Saatchi & Saatchi in London, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Malavika was one of the first Gurukul Chevening Scholars, selected by the British Government for a special program under Lord Meghnad Desai at the London School of Economics on Globalization. Malavika is the first woman to win the Distinguished Alumni Award from IIM Bangalore.

She is on the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management, Vishakapatnam, on the Governing Council of Mount Carmel College, and on the Advisory Board of the NSRCEL of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. At NSRCEL, she is actively involved in mentoring start-ups in the profit and non-profit sectors.  She mentors startups at IIMV-FIELD, IIM Visakhapatnam. Her current focus is mentoring women executives and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

Malavika was President of the IIMB Alumni Association and the Advertising Club Bangalore.

Malavika teaches Marketing and Communication at various post-graduate institutes of management and communication in India and abroad. She has been doing this for the last 25 years because she believes that sharing knowledge is the only way to learn.

Fees Structure

Registration and Attendance: Rs.400/- ( Mandatory)

Add a certificate to this course: Rs 1000/- (Optional)

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1. The last date to make the payment is 26th June 2021, 11:00 am.

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4. The Participant must attend all three days of the workshop.



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