Vasanta Madhuri

Madhuri Jupudi Deha mitra vyanjanDr Vasanta Madhuri Goteti has Ph.D. from Osmania University and PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights from NALSAR University of Law. She has 17 years of work experience in teaching and research. She is currently involved in dehydration of fruits and vegetables by using solar and osmo-dehydration technologies.

MITRA Life Sciences

MITRA Life Sciences offers dehydrated fruits and vegetables to ensure supply of seasonal vegetables & fruits in off-season. These vegetables can be rehydrated in only few minutes before cooking. Dehydrated fruit chunks, slabs, rolls are ready to eat healthy snacks. Dehydrated fruit powders, chunks can also be used in making instant fruit salads, milk shakes, ice creams, jams, as additives in muesli, cornflakes, oats etc. MITRA uses solar drier for dehydrating fruits and vegetables ensuring minimal nutrient loss. It is an energy efficient green technology without emission of any greenhouse gases. MITRA has plans to manufacture nutraceuticals as part of its roadmap. Nutraceuticals provide additional benefits like reducing the risk of a disease, ailment or promoting good health to the consumer.

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