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About Sowmya Garimella:
Since my childhood days, I have always been passionate about creative writing and arts. As a kid, though I wrote many articles and poems, I never knew of a platform that could publish my work. During my college days, while I was pursuing my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Andhra University, I interned with a startup called AmbitionBox and worked with them for one year as a Content Developer. Soon after the internship, with the knowledge I gained during that one year, I started my own Content and Digital Marketing Company called Textkart, while I was in the final year of my master’s degree. After getting placed in IBM Pvt Ltd, I joined the firm and worked as a Systems Engineer for a brief duration.

My passion for writing and the dream to become an entrepreneur were very strong and I decided to quit my job to pursue my passion and make a career out of it. I started the children’s magazine “Amazing Scribbles Magazine”, in January 2017, soon after quitting my job and worked towards building just that platform which I missed as a kid.

I am a person who loves creativity and the arts. Being a trained Carnatic classical singer, I have always felt that encouragement and appreciation are two very important things that help an artist grow and do better in what they do. Through the magazine I wanted to provide children with the right platform to showcase their skills and get encouragement and appreciation for their amazing work, along with guidance from experts in that domain.

About Venture:
An exclusive children’s magazine, Amazing Scribbles is where kids can spend their free time in the best way. A confluence of education and entertainment, the edutainment platform provides children in the age group 10-15, an opportunity to publish their literary and artwork on the magazine, share their views on various topics and get recognized for their work. The platform also provides a learning experience through simple tutorials in art and craft. Children can get registered in the magazine as authors and send their work as and when they like. Our team of writers reviews their work and gives them suggestions on how to improve and guide them to bring out the best piece of work.

Working further on the idea and bringing parents, teachers and schools on board to bring them all together on a single platform, we are designing a new feature that would let them connect, communicate and build a community that believes in educating children in an innovative way while encouraging them to do what they are passionate about.

Building a networking platform around the “edutainment” concept we will be introducing the new features with subscription models that allow parents to choose what kind of features and services they would want to avail. We are planning to collaborate with experts in various fields and art forms to mentor the kids and guide them in becoming experts in their fields of interest.

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