srinija aparna

K Srinija Aparna Enviro KAAM KAR 

I am Srinija Aparna. I hold a Bachelors and Masters degree in Environmental Science and Management. During my stint as an intern with the ENVID Group of Andhra University and my time assisting Professors with getting clearances and auditing of SEAC mining projects, I found a void- the need and scarcity of Compliance Services of B-Category industries. This experience motivated me to come up with new modifications in service systems in order to partake in the “Go Green” movement and promote green industries and safe environment to industries of all categories.


All industries and establishments which need prior Environmental Clearance and which are in their operational phase currently have to submit environmental compliance (self) and environmental audit statements regularly and often these services are rendered by third party professionals.

Andhra Pradesh, after its bifurcation from Telangana in 2014, is forced to develop the state industrially. In the last three years the state government has entered into MoU's with a number of investors, both National and Global, with investments to the tune of Rs 15 Lakh Crore. To cater to the needs of these emerging industries in obtaining Environmental Clearances, Environment Management Planning Specialist services are required and these are very few in number.

A large number of Medium, Small and Micro Industries and Mines need to environmentally compliant and prefer third party professional assistance. Similarly, all corporate Hospitals and Business Class Hotels also require these third party evaluation services. Currently, in Andhra Pradesh only a handful of firms are offering these services, while 80% to 90 % of such businesses are captured by firms from other states.

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