Gowri Kusuma

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Name: Dr. P. Gowri Kusuma
Venture: Monday Mitra

I am PhD in Management, worked as faculty for the past 12 years. Strongly believe that ‘Food connects people’. In this busy world, we are compromising with food, and are consuming what is available rather than what is needed. As a mother always wanted to give my kids something which is rich in nutrition and tasty. Balancing the food intake is also a major challenge as we are juggling with various activities. I always wanted to eat which can be prepared in a natural way not using any chemicals. I remember, as a child when we visited our grandparents house, my grandmother used to soak mung beans in the night and after two days when these beans started sprouting, she used to mix them with jaggery and give us in the morning and even as snacks in the evening. We used to enjoy those sprouts along with all the kids. Once we are back, we used to miss those sprouts. Now these sprouts are in my memories only. Recently I was a victim of some health issues and doctor recommended me to eat sprouts every day in the morning. Then, I remembered my grandmother, and started recreating the whole scenario. Realized the importance of eating sprouts. It is very painful that we are not giving importance to such a natural and healthy food that can be easily prepared on any day of the year, without any fuel consumption, yet highly nutritious with necessary probiotics.

Then, I made up that, I am going to work out on this problem. Realized that the major pain point is lack of time to take care of germination of sprouts at home and they are not readily available at all places. I studied further on sprouts and came to know about microgreens, these are the next stage of sprouts with tiny shoots. Microgreens are more nutritious than sprouts, but again the challenge is continuous monitoring and care.

Therefore, I realized that, this present generation does not have time to grow their own sprouts and microgreens. This triggered me that I should start some venture in this direction. Then happened this ‘Women Startup Programme’. They believed in my idea and this belief is the motivation to achieve my Vision.

My venture is ‘Monday Mitra’, which aims at supplying, sprouts and microgreens initially on Mondays. Later we would like to add edible flowers also. Based on the demand the frequency of supply will be increased to three days a week. Monday Mitra is a simple concept, yet a powerful weapon to build the health of the individuals. I believe, for every problem, there is a solution, which is simple and clean…. So is Monday Mitra

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