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About myself:

I am Purnima, an industrial engineer by qualification, an orater by passion, an entrepreneur by choice and a people’s person by design. I am one of the top 100 incubatees under Women Startup Programme, 2018 conducted under the aegis of NSRCEL, IIMB and IIM-Visakhapatnam. I am working on building a media platform called WhatStock which revolutionises the way business and stock market news discovery and consumption happen. If am not working on WhatStock, then you will find me either reading a non-fiction book or watching American sitcoms or drafting some content for a friend.

About WhatStock:

The question every trader/investor in the stock market asks is, “What are the stocks which can give me great returns?

Business Newspapers & Magazines, TV channels, Broker websites and Apps, NSE & BSE websites are important sources of stock market news, information, opinion, research and advice which a trader/investor follows for making right trading or investing strategies and follow-up action.

However, it is impossible for an individual to keep track of every piece of information flowing incessantly on a minute to minute basis from different sources, organise it properly, and use it appropriately.

WhatStock with its tagline “Be informed. Be rich.” is the first and only mobile-based app in India which performs a comprehensive search across all sources and publishes apt and curated summaries in the form of ‘notes’ which are simple to read and easy to understand.

With WhatStock installed on your phone, you have a powerful one-in-all smart assistant which feeds you with news, information, analysis, expert opinion, broker research, trading and investing ideas and learnings from newspapers, TV channels, News magazines, broker & expert websites & apps in your pursuit of making informed decisions and earning money.

Read more about WhatStock on www.whatstock.in

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