lakshmi teja

LAKSHMI TEJA VANAKURU farm fresh                                                                                                                        

I’m a master’s student studying Computer Science at Andhra University. I look at entrepreneurship as a driving agent of social change, not just as a profit-making venture. The seeds for my entrepreneurial venture were sown during my adolescent visits to my Grandmother’s village, an idyllic farming village called Medarametla in Andhra Pradesh. I realised that farmers are forced to use pesticides, fertilizers and several non-approved chemical agents to improve yield and aesthetics of fruits and vegetables to maximise profit, and this tends to negatively affect the health of the general populace as their product makes it through the supply chain to us. I realised that initial steps to repair this would mean creating a market for naturally grown produce, thus assuring the farmer of constant revenue regardless of the difference in yield that comes with foregoing unwanted and possibly carcinogenic chemicals. The creation of this market would entail raising general awareness about current farming practices and the adverse effects of chemical pesticides and fertilisers in the populace.

In the long term, I can see the upscaling of the naturally-produced goods market as something that could reform farming practices across India, while safeguarding farmers’ interests, ultimately protecting us from the adverse effects of demand-enforced chemical use.

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