M Venkata Vijaya Lakshmi Swagruha foods                                                                                       

About myself:

I am M.Venkata Vijaya Lakshmi and I am from Machilipatnam. My venture is Moms Home Food. I strongly believe in women empowerment and this motivates me and want to starts as an entrepreneur. Commitment, integrity and affection are 3 principles I value the most because these 3 principles helps me empathize with the customer. Positive attitude and self-determination is what that has driven me so far and that makes me validate the value to achieve, this is my motivation to persist. I am very grateful to IIMB, NSRCEL and IIMVIZAG.

About my venture:

Now a days due to the busy schedule and mechanical life people do not have time to cook for themselves. According to survey 81% of customers are interested to take homemade food. So we want to provide traditional food as per the local culture at an affordable price by engaging home makers leveraging technology.

Every customer is important to us. We would personally engage with customer to understand their expectations and requirement which would form the fuel to our services. Below are the indicative metrics which will help us to provide better services to the customers.

Key Metrics:

• Customer Satisfaction (CSI)

• On Time Delivery (OTD)

• Number of Repeat Customers (NRC)

• Product Quality Index

I have the capability to the understand needs of the food business and provide food affectionately that helps me to leverage the expertise of home makers and bring business.

For this I want to create an online platform to connect the home makers and customers and provide end to end services.

Customer Segments:

• Students/Bachelors

• Working women/men

• Elderly people

• School Children

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