Vaidehi Pulavarthi

Vaidehi Pulavarthi BoardBeyondBooks2

Vaidehi has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science. She is the founder of Board Beyond Books [{(B3)}] Board Beyond Books [{(B3)}] Board Beyond Books [{(B3)}] is an experiential learning platform for students, where concepts in textbooks are bought to life by connecting theory to real world through practical examples. [{(B3)}] also exposes students to different career choices and their innerworkings at a young age. [{(B3)}] has 3 dimensions to it- ‘Discover Your Passion’, ’Journal’, ’Ask Me Anything’. Discover Your Passion provides career advisory services with information about job descriptions, and other essential info on different careers. Journal tracks knowledge before and after experiential learning process. Ask Me anything is a community of students, teachers, subject matter experts and parents where they can connect to clarify doubts or learn new things.

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