Snazzy Care Private Limited

Snazzy Care Private Limited
Hyderabad, Telangana
Founding Team : Ayush Pateria , Keshav Chouksey

"At Snazzy we're making your teeth straightening journey as comfortable and as affordable as possibly by using invisible braces or clear aligners. Clear aligners are 3D printed thin, removable, transparent plastic trays that pop into your mouth, fit snugly over your teeth and move your teeth gradually into the correct position. A patient may need to wear a set of 10-20 aligners over a duration of 6-12 months. Every aligner is unique and has to be worn for 2 weeks, before shifting to the next. We have designed the system in such a way that you can stay at home and get the same professional attention as with a top orthodontist. You only need to visit the clinic once to give your initial impression, the rest of the process is coordinated from your home by using teledentistry. Throughout the journey the patient and the orthodontist is in touch through our app thus making the process very smooth and affordable.

There are three key unique value proposition that we offer:

Direct-To-Consumer: This creates all the difference. We acquire our customers through various acquisition channels, and directly work with them. They are sent to one of our own partner dentists, for the initial check-up and impressions. Thus, we can eliminate the high dentist commissions.

In-house Manufacturing: Unlike other aligners, we manufacture aligners locally and are able to manufacture them cost effectively at about Rs. 20,000 per patient.

Teledentistry: We’re a doctor led at-home solution. The clear aligners are designed by a team of orthodontist based out of US, who have have vast experience with it. Further, a personal orthodontist will look after the patient through our app/portal. Because of the above, we’re very affordable, and well-positioned to finally bring about the disruption in braces industry, by making clear aligners accessible to everyone!"



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