Urbanpod Innovation Private Limited

Urbanpod Innovation Private Limited
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Founding Team : Jainam Mehta, Mihir Mehta

"We are building India's First Smart Napping Pods for people to rest and relax at Urban Spaces."
We are making a Napping pod with an optimal sleeping environment which will be equipped with sensors to monitor and analyze sleep data and provide predictive analysis report to the user.
N Pod - Napping Pod (Ready and testing at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad from January 2020)
(Pod with zero gravity seat, seat cooling, air circulation, light control to take power nap)
We will launch other variants gradually with market testing and validation.
M Pod - Meditation, Music, Massager Pod
(Pod with the sequence of music for meditation and massaging seat to relax)
O Pod - Oxygen Pod
(Pod with sensors like SPO2 to read blood oxygen level and improve oxygen level)
H Pod - HealthTech & IoT Sensors Pod
(Pod equipped with sensors to monitor and analyze sleep pattern and collect data and provide predictive analysis)"


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