Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh


Sirisha is an engineer and a business graduate by qualification. She has worked with a supply chain start-up in Pune and an emerging Agri-Tech start-up called Kheythi in Hyderabad. Her strengths lie in her creativity and innovation. With her special interest in urban farms, she fosters the dream of reviving the concept of home gardens in urban homes through her start-up “Eden Gardens”.

Eden gardens endeavours to revive our traditional backyard gardening culture in the form of lush balcony and terrace gardens in contemporary urban homes. The Venture provides the following services:
1. Design and set up of customized balcony gardens and terrace gardens.
2. Providing Drip irrigation systems and self-watering pots for a hands-free gardening experience.
3. Maintenance packages by professional gardeners.
4. Recommendations on plants selection and care.
5. Technology to make the whole process smooth and seamless.



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