Sattva Naturals

Sattva Naturals
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Founder : Lakshmi Teja Vanakuru

An incubateé of the Women Startup Programme, Lakshmi Teja didn’t take long after B.Tech to float her dream of helping farmers through a business model. Aided by little support, she hit the road at a young age of 23 and travelled different states trying to comprehend the art of cultivation and the science of producing chemical-free food products. Interactions with several industry experts as well as potential end customers soon laid the basis and Sattva Naturals was officially launched in October 2018.

The store now caters a range of organic products that are procured directly from the cultivators and has been successful in striking a chord with the consumers. Not only did Sattva register to be the largest retailer of millets in the city at the lowest prices, but most importantly the largest repository of organic and natural foods in the city.

Lakshmi Teja  received the Women Empowerment Award from the Department of Women Studies, Andhra University.

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